Friday 20 August 2021


 Creativity isn’t something you’re either born with or not, it can be fostered from a young age to allow children to reap the benefits. Of course, your child may never be the next Picasso, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help promote creative thinking within your home. There are lots of ways this can be done, as explored below by an international study centre


Arts & Crafts


This is one of the more obvious ways you can help boost your child’s creativity. Using paint brushes, crayons, scissors, and glue help develop their fine motor skills, while also allowing them to express themselves in a creative, imaginative way. There are so many crafting activities you can do together, like making flowers out of tissue paper and pipe cleaner, creating paper chains, making 3D models of space, or just good old-fashioned colouring.


Imaginative Play


Take some time to play ‘shops’, ‘mummies and daddies’ or any other imaginative role play with your child to show them that you support their creative space. Let them take the lead so that they are given plenty of opportunity to use their imagination. 




Reading is a fundamental skill and helps children develop their vocabulary, communication skills and their ability to concentrate. Not only that but it’s a creative activity that allows children to tap into their imaginations.


Creative Writing


Once your child has finished reading a book, perhaps you could encourage them to write their own version of the ending or ask them to pretend to be a journalist writing a book review. This should help them think outside of the box. 


It’s worth setting up a space in your home, if possible, that is purely dedicated to creativity, which will show your child that you prioritise creative thinking. Keep it simple and unstructured, so that your child is free to explore and be innovative.

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