Sunday 17 July 2022


The summer holidays have just started and although I love that the children get 7 weeks of fun in the sun, time to recuperate from school and be care free, I am still working full time from home.

Don’t get me wrong, being self employed and working from home has its perks. I can work around the children, have days off to enjoy the summer holidays with them, but staying focused and procrastinating can become a problem.

Creating a productive work space is key to keeping on top of everything and I thought I’d share with you some of my top tips when it comes to successfully managing work life , home life and the children in between :)


Having a designated area to work is essential when it comes to keeping on track,keeping everything in one place and having a door to close when you’ve finished for the day.

If you’ve followed us for a while you will know my office is also my bedroom and it’s not the biggest, but with places like bespoke home offices , they provide fitted office furniture that helps maximise the space you have.

So paper work can be kept out of sight, open shelves look less closed in and white furniture always makes a room feel bigger.

With built in furniture, everything has a place and every space can be utilised which makes for a perfect work space, and no clutter means no distractions.

It’s really easy to get a free estimated quote too, all you have to do is let them know the size of your space and what budget you have and they will come up with a home office perfect for you.

If you are interested in looking more into a bespoke home office or want to have a look at some of the designs then check over here and do let me know if you order one :)


I get up earlier usually before the children anyway, just to enjoy a hot coffee before the school run manic!, anyone else?. 

So set your alarm just half an hour or an hour before you would normally wake up, pop the kettle on and get some work done before the day begins.

Some days I’ve got half my list ticked off before the children are awake ,which is music to my ears ! :)


This might seem so obvious but not many people write one anymore and I can honestly say that writing a to do list on my notes in my phone every morning helps massively.

I write daily lists and small ones so they are manageable and I can be clocked off with enough time to enjoy the holidays with the kiddies everyday. Some days it might be just check emails, load the washing machine and send an invoice, but if it’s all been ticked off, the day just feels so much lighter.


Take that coffee break, take your lunch break. Just because you are at home , doesn’t mean you have to work through it. Take yourself down stairs with the kids, have lunch and watch an episode of SpongeBob, no one likes burnout ,and you definitely will be feeling it if you don’t take that time out .

I’d love to know if you work from home and if you do what are your top tips for staying productive.

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