Friday 20 January 2023


The weather!, it is absolutely freezing and we have had two snow days now. They’ve given out a cold night so I’m thinking there might be another one on the cards.

We couldn’t get out of the drive on Wednesday so the girls had the day off and then Thursday the snow was even worse so the schools were closed.

Snowman making was the first thing on Nila’s mind :)

Alessia was more of a ‘let’s stay in bed and keep warm’, which I totally agreed with but we had to make a snowman, it’s the done thing right?.

So we made little Olaf, ‘little’ because it was seriously so cold I couldn’t stay out there any longer. She had a lovely time playing in the snow and she really is an outdoor kinda girl :)

We had cups of tea to keep warm and a bubble bath with her last snowman bath bomb from Lush. Both girls have their own little bath bomb stash now, definitely takes after me.

We’ve also noticed another wobbly tooth!. Nila has been desperate for a wobbly tooth since her friends at school had lost some teeth, it’s been all she keeps going on about.

The joys at 5 right!. Now she has two, and she’s fed up of them and wants them out, the novelty has definitely worn off and she’s over not being able to eat.

We’ve also got earaches and snotty noses but I think we are all definitely in the same boat with that at the minute . Roll on summer!.

Looking forward to a chilled weekend inside with lots of warm teas and movies!.

Have you had snow?. 


  1. I am not a fan of the cold because I have lots of problems with my joints and muscles

  2. She looks so so happy! It is amazing how tolerant kids are to cold, it is almost like they don't feel any cold lol...

  3. I used to love snow days, lol. I forgot all about them until I read this post. :)

  4. Snow days are the absolute best! We had snow here in Michigan which I wasn't expecting at all, but love staying home when snow days happen.