Sunday 22 January 2023


Seasonal weather conditions affect our home design choices. Rain, snow and heat have an imprint on us that goes to the walls, the ceilings and our floor every few months. It can also make us indecisive regarding changing our room layout and design.


It is here that all home improvement enthusiasts recommend a cost-effective, easily installable and durable option in luxury vinyl flooring. As an all-year-round product, it is easily the best option to build your design choices around.




The Spring weather can go one of many ways; nice and sunny or bleak and rainy.


No matter how it looks on the outside, vinyl flooring has everything built in to ensure it does not affect the inside. Spring is the most rain-soaked season, so ensuring you won’t have any water hazards from wet clothes or footprints soaking through the floor makes for a more satisfying choice. Vinyl planks and tiles offer 100% waterproof design in their manufactured products. Moisture in the air will not breach your floor panels and affect your subfloor.


For Spring, Quick Step vinyl flooring provides a brighter outlook for the first season.




With the hotter months, outside activity is in full swing for homes with families and pets. 


The flooring becomes a victim of everything from grass stains to children tearing through your home with muddy footprints. Your vinyl flooring ensures everything is safe with scratch-proof design and easily cleanable wear layers - your kitchen and living area remains stunning for longer. With the summer months, it's good to know humidity will not affect your flooring and cause tiles to come loose or rise.


Planks and tiles are cool and soft to walk on, and the adhesive won’t melt from extended sun exposure.




It’s getting slightly chillier, and the nights are getting longer, but things are still holding well on your flooring - even with the sudden drop in temperature.


Quick-Step vinyl flooring is the ideal companion for underfloor heating, so you can continue to feel the benefit until the sun returns in every room of the house. No stepping out of a hot shower to a chilly bathroom and no uncomfortable walks downstairs in the night when vinyl flooring provides extra comfort.


The leaves may be falling, but your flooring is still sticking in place for the season.




A typical English winter is either snow, sleet, rain or ice - and can be unpleasant to regular flooring.


Typical wooden flooring feels cold or tends to be draped with a rug to try and keep some warmth, which is why vinyl flooring for winter living is not just for its companionship to underfloor heating but also its natural comfort underfoot. Perfect for unwrapping those Christmas presents whilst looking impressive with light or dark woods.


When you want all-year-round satisfaction with your home, your flooring is the best place to start. Start your shopping early in the year for luxury vinyl flooring, such as oak herringbone flooring, and enjoy it throughout the seasons. 

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