Saturday 25 February 2023


A night away from the children was definitely long over due, so Mezz and I decided to book in an overnight stay!.

Somewhere we could reconnect and enjoy some child free conversations and ultimately have a night off.The Fuzzy Duck in Armscote,Warwickshire ,owned by Baylis and Harding has always caught my eye.

The pub that also holds a few guests is somewhere that looked relaxing, quiet and not to far from home.


We checked in and straight away the staff were really friendly. We got shown to our room and throughout the whole stay everyone was really lovely and attentive and we couldn’t of asked for better service.


The food was absolutely delicious. We were both so impressed with all the meals we had. The fresh fish of the day was absolutely gorgeous and the menu catered for all dietary requirements.

The breakfast buffet variety was excellent. Fresh yoghurt and fruit with homemade granola. A menu for porridge or cooked breakfast was also available.

Plenty of fruit juice, water , tea and coffee.


Depending on which room you stay in, we were in the Buff Orpington room which has a free standing roll top bath

I was in heaven with my glass of gin, all the bubbles in the world, thanks to all the Baylis and Harding toiletries that are in your room, and some peace and quiet .

It was absolute bliss..


My Nespresso machine  at home is my pride and joy, I’ve been known to take my machine with me when we go away. The rooms have their own coffee machines with pods for your stay.

Making a coffee as soon as you check in, and it being your favourite just makes your stay that extra special.

We had such a beautiful and restful time away .

Stratford is a little drive away so if you are looking for things to do while on your visit you could take a trip into town and do some shopping while you are away.

- VIP Stay


  1. I didn't make the connection with Bayliss and Harding until you mentioned them. It sounds like a great hotel and the food sounds delicious. I love fresh fish.

  2. I do love stand alone baths in a hotel and always enjoy a bubble bath and a glass of fizz my idea of relaxation

  3. It looks like you had a great stay. That stand alone bath looks so inviting for a relaxing bubble bath with a glass of bubbly.

  4. The moment i read fuzzy duck I thought of Bayliss and Harding as Liam loves there range. The roll top bath look like something I would enjoy with a bathbomb. X

  5. Mellissa williams12 March 2023 at 01:49

    I love a stand alone bath like that. The fish looks amazing too. Will definitely check out this hotel if I’m in the area