Thursday 9 March 2023


When it comes to baby dolls, Nila can honestly not get enough of them. There is something about role play that she absolutely loves and another baby doll is always welcome :)

The Nenuco of the world dolls are ones that we haven’t ever come across before and really are the cutest little things.

Designed to be loved and loved ,this little one sure is :)

The Nenuco doll collection consists of a few origins - Asiatic, Latin, Caucasian and African.

We got sent the Caucasian doll which has blonde hair and two little pigtails decorated with pink bows that match her dress.

They can also drink and wee, which Nila was hoping they would and can be washed and dressed just like your very own baby.

Pretend play has had so many benefits over the years and rightly so. Imaginative play with baby doll helps with so many aspects of children’s development.

It encourages their imagination and creativity. Taking baby out to the park or having a picnic for their birthday. I love seeing Nila get lost in her own little world of play.

Helps with their socials skills and emotional development.Has baby hurt her leg?, Nila goes straight for the plasters and looks after her doll.

Improves their language and communication skills. Nila is forever talking to her baby and singing songs .

Having a doll that your little one can bond with is such a great childhood comfort.

 We often find Nila taking a teddy on new adventures when she is feeling a little unsure, so I think the Nenuco dolls would make fantastic little friends.

Our Nenuco doll has definitely become part of the family and found her forever home.

The Nenuco of the world dolls are out now , RRP £24.99 and can be purchased from Amazon.

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