Thursday 18 May 2023


 Imposter Syndrome is by far one of the most horrible feelings when it comes to life, work and every day things you do. It is feeling out of place and thinking that you don't belong which I can already assure you, that you most definitely do!.

Imposter Syndrome is psychological and I am no psychologist , but I do know that you can get the imposter thoughts out of your head and the feelings of 'I am not good enough' and 'who do I think I am' thoughts I use to tackle ,are far and few between.

Imposter Syndrome can manifest itself in so many different ways. For me, it stems from childhood and not gaining the qualifications I thought I needed to be able to 'be somebody'. When I got asked what I did for work, I would almost cringe at the thought of telling people as I didn't have a million courses under my belt or diplomas to back up my career, so I would hide behind the 'stay at home mum' role.

That feeling can be exhausting and not having the confidence to big yourself up and be proud is very soul destroying. It requires a combination of self reflection and practical strategy.

Some things I have learnt on the way is to acknowledge your feelings, they are valid. Focus on what you are good at, a piece of paper does not define you're worth or you're success. Life experience goes a long way, especially now!.

Celebrate your success, a new nail client for your at home business, or the little garden shed you have revamped into an office, go you!. Another sponsored blog post from a client that loves your writing techniques, that has paid the electric bill and got the children a treat after school, amazing!.

Do not compare yourself to others, especially on the big wide web, nobody on social media are posting their failures, its easy to get sucked into an account that is full of happy days, all the success you can think of, and nothing is going wrong.

You do not have to prove yourself or your worth to anyone.

We are all unique individuals, if you are feeling like there are two many people doing the same thing you want to do, or you don't belong in the job that you are in, remember, no one can do what you do. 

Yes, other people can be writers, artists, gym coaches, but they don't have your unique signature, they don't have your authentic expression, they are not going to attract the same people that you do, so it doesn't matter how good other people are, the world needs you !.

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