Monday 19 June 2023


Skincare changes during the seasons as our skin needs different things throughout the year, whether that be hydration, more oil based products or extra serums - this is why it’s important we listen to our bodies and notice the signs of needing to switch up products.

I’ve got a few bits essential for my summer bag and first one is hair hydration. 


I tend to use hair masks mostly in the summer. My hair is bleached so that extra moisture is key, no one likes straw hair right?.The new intensive moisture hair mask from FUL helps rescue dry hair with its conditioning and hydrating vegan ingredients.Packed with Shea butter and organic coconut oil, it smells incredible. I leave mine in for around 10 minutes and use it once a week on a Sunday evening .


SPF is so important, especially in summer . The forever protecting day lotion is so light and has SPF20 which doesn’t leave your face feeling sticky or tacky at all. The formula has been designed to suit all skin types and I do suffer with some sensitivity and this feels amazing on.


I use a lot of sun protection on my face so sometimes it doesn’t match the body. If you have ever faked tan , you will know the look and it is definitely not a vibe!. The tanning face cream from Lavera is great as it give a gradually subtle glow to your face without having to sit in the sun for hours!.


Spots are avoidable, in the summer where we are all sweating, you are bound to get the odd spot or two. I LOVE sudacrem for popping over a spot at night. It reduces it and also helps any infection caused by popping - leave them spots alone! :)


I love taking my make up off for the day and putting on my night cream. The dream cream from Benecos is a lovely one for mature skin.The organic argan oil has a regenerating and protective effect. Packed full of vitamin E and jojoba oil, I love using this one.


The egyptian skincare range from Hayaty is new to me, but they smell incredible and are known to reduce hyperpigmentation which is the skincare journey I am currently on so looking forward to the results as the summer months enhance hyperpigmentation so anything that can help reduce it is fantastic!.


Helps support women’s hormones and bodies as well as keeping skin feel nourishes. I have been taking evening primrose oil for 5 years and I swear by it. 

What are your summer skincare essentials? 


  1. I love a good hair mask, especially when there is something coconut in it. I can never say no to the scent of coconut.

  2. Thanks for sharing the skincare essentials for this summer! The article provided valuable insights into protecting and nourishing our skin during the hot season. The product recommendations and tips were practical and informative. Excited to update my skincare routine!

  3. I've been experimenting with a few products lately but they're all too greasy or don't sit right on my skin.