Wednesday 21 June 2023


 Summer holidays are literally around the corner and we always put together a bucket list so we can pick and choose things to do during the summer which are a mixture of free days out, nice treats that we have saved up for and most importantly , time making memories. 


We have got a family holiday booked which I am so excited for. We haven’t been away together for a very long time. We’ve saved hard for it and have booked Lanzarote for a few days.

Water park passes and all the snacks the kids can handle. Unlimited ice cream and plenty of sunshine. 


Strawberry picking is a must for our bucket list and I think we will be doing this over the weekend. We go to the strawberry farm every year and they are best berries ever!. We've tried a few different ones but if you do a google search, you will find some farms close to you that does it.

Strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries and even blackcurrants. The last one we went to ,you could even pick rhubarb. You pay for what you pick, no entry fee.


We have had tickets for the theme park since last year, so we will definitely be using them this summer. I might even book in to stay over in one of the pods. they look so fun and a fraction of the actual Alton Tower's hotel prices, plus it includes sausage baps and tea for breakfast for all!.


Of course a sea side trip to Nanny and Grandads in Great Yarmouth. We are going to stay there for a week and plan some days to the beach and the arcades. Seeing my mum and dad is the first thing the children always ask whenever a half term is coming up so its an absolute must.


The best days are spent in the park with a picnic. If the weather is on our side we can spend a whole day out in the park.

Ask some friends to join us, grab a coffee in the cafe and enjoy the sunshine, and the children love it. Don’t forget the ice cream van.


Check your local Facebook events page as there is always so much on. We’ve got a fun fair day, nature bug hunt, magic show in the park and lots more.


With my gym membership , I get the kids in free for swimming. We plan on going every weekend as we all love it!.


You really can’t beat a movie night, can you?. We take it in turns to choose the film, make up our snack bowls - popcorn, sweets and chocolate buttons and snuggle up on the sofa or in bed and have girls night with a movie , no dads allowed :)

Nothing beats looking back on a summer, remembering all the fun you had together, and that doesn't mean the more money you spend, the better the memories are, remember that!.

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