Friday 30 June 2023


 How is my youngest little bug six already?. They grow up so quick, it’s definitely a cliche isn’t it but honestly, where have the past six years gone.

We decided quite early on that Nila would probably be our last and after talks this week about more children, we have decided 100% that we are having no more little ones and it feels really ‘final’ writing that.

Nila has whole heartedly been our most hands on child. I think when you know your last is your last it’s hard to realise that the milestones they hit will be the last time you ever experience them.

I have definitely noticed much I do for Nila, but I think it’s because I am consciously aware that these are the last ‘baby’ days and it is sad sometimes to think that but I am at a point in my life where I feel I am finally finding myself and living for me , not only for children, does that make sense?.

This past week I went on a press trip with Jet2 to Croatia and I honestly pinch myself sometimes as to how my career has panned out, and I am so proud of where I have got to.

So turning 6, the first thing Nila did was measure herself against me, adamant she must have grown an inch now she is six :)

Having co- slept with Nila from newborn, she finally enjoys sleeping in her own bed and loves her bedroom, thank the lord!, but I really did enjoy our co-sleeping journey

Independence with socks is a struggle, I’m sure she gets her patience from me, which means zero!, but since having swimming lessons on a Friday with school, she’s managing quite well and I am loving watching her come into her little lady self .

Six going on sixteen for sure, anyone else?. We are birthday shopping this weekend and she has face masks, bath bombs and Starbucks on her shopping list, definitely takes after her mama …

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