Monday 10 July 2023


 After years and years of putting driving off, I took the plunge last year,bought a block of lessons and started learning to drive. At 37, i did think, is it too late, or would it be harder now I am older, but I think once you get that feeling that you want to learn, then you know you are ready, no matter what.


I will admit, the past 6 months have been super busy with work, life and everything else in between and my 2 hour fortnightly lessons have become less and less, and almost non existent as I either cancel because my work load is busy, or the only free time I have that week is my 2 hour driving lesson slot and I want it to just relax.

The struggles of spending your free time working, seeing to the children, cleaning the house, and now spent, what I felt like, was wasted on driving lessons, so this year my learning to drive journey has been pretty poor and I was so close to just giving up.


My recent trip to Croatia with a bunch of lovely ladies got me talking to Jayne, who at 37,passed her test 2 years ago, and speaking to her about learning to drive and being 'to old', she really gave me the buzz to get back out there as its never to late, and you are never to old.

Learning to drive, for me, is the freedom and independence I so desperately want.A taxi trip into town is now £10, and don't get me started on bus prices, and will more often than not , stop me from going out or making plans.


There have been a few times where work opportunities have come up and the trains have been cancelled and there has been no childcare, therefore Mezz has been unable to take me so I have had to miss out, which is so disheartening and does sometimes make me feel like, the more you say no to a work event the less they will ask you, which is a fear and it is always in the back of my mind.


Relying on Mezz to be around for day trips isn't the way I want to go forward, so last week I set up my driving lessons again, and rather than sigh about the fact that Friday had come round, I got into the car and was determined to have a great lesson and really get my head in the zone.

I have 2 hours every other week so the Friday I have off I will make sure my free time is just me for me. This Friday I am taking myself to the cinema to watch the new Boogey man movie, love a good horror film!.


I have booked my theory and I am going to make sure I have time to go through the app, not over think it all, as this is another downside to my brain, and just go for it. If I fail, I fail, I will never know if I keep putting it off, I don't think in this situation you ever feel 100% ready right?.

Watch this space..

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