Wednesday 12 July 2023


Eating out is one of my favourite things to do.A glass of wine and some good company, sounds like the perfect holiday evening if you ask me. Croatia had some amazing restaurants while I was away, and some of the most delicious meals I have tasted,along side all the bread and Olive oil with every meal!. I wanted to share with you some of the best places I dined at whilst there.


I stayed at Le Meridien lav Split hotel, where we ate a few times. Pizza was one occasion and one day I had the best goats cheese salad of my life. for lunch I think goats cheese can be really hit and miss, but this one was 10/10. With added walnuts and such a light dressing, yum!.


Reputable for the preparation of the Brac islands star ingredient - lamb, this was a place that had been recommend to us all, so it would of been rude not to right?. The signature lamb dish is slow cooked and then finished off on the pit, served with roasted veggies or potato.

These were huge portions, but I made sure I ate all the lamb as its my favourite meat by choice. You can also have fish too, we had tuna and herring as a starter which was equally tasty.


Not far from our hotel in Makarska we had lunch at the Tempera bar. This place was very quirky with the starters being called 'foreplay' :). Beautiful decor and another amazing place to eat.

I had the pulled pork tacos which were huge!. Three big hand sized soft tacos full to the brim with meat, cheese, pickles and smokey bacon sauce. I could only eat two, so filling. 


We went into Trogir one day by ferry which was lovely and ate at the Calebotta restaurant outside. Such a warm and friendly welcome, the menu had so much to choose from, I wanted it all!.

I ended up picking the mussels and linguine which was incredible. The tomato and garlic sauce was full of flavour and the mussels and spaghetti was cooked to perfection.


Kitchen5 in Split was my favourite restaurant we ate at. We sat outside and it was such a cute little setting, think of cosy evening dining like you see in the movies. There were a few dishes on the menu that I hadn't tried before so wanted to give something new a go as it was our last night .I went with the blue crab gnocchi. I had only tried gnocchi once prior to this but had never tasted blue crab, wow!. This dish was full of flavour cooked perfectly and I could of had two bowls, it was that good.

We also got a trio of desserts here which were really nice too, and the wine was quite light and refreshing which is what I prefer when I am out having a meal.

Have you eaten out in Croatia before?, let me know what restaurants to look out for when I am next there ..

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