Wednesday 9 August 2023


 If you are looking for a fun family day out for everyone, then I think Pleasure Beach will tick all of the boxes. Right on top of Great Yarmouth seafront is where you will find Pleasure Beach and it is definitely an all day, fun experience.

Entry is wrist band or fun card - which is new to us. A wristband entitles you to entrance in the park and unlimited rides all day long.

You can also leave the park and come back and fourth throughout the day using your wristband- which was brilliant as we had somewhere else to go at lunch time, but came back later on in the day for more rides :) Wristband prices are here.

Everything runs through a scan on your wristband / so you tap the machine with your wristband once at the front of the queue for a ride and it checks you in.

First ride of course was the caterpillar for Nila. The big apple coaster has been her favourite for years , and once was Alessia’s favourite and also Kadianns. 

Did you know, before it made its way to Pleasure Beach in 1998, it was actually one of the popular ride attractions at Alton Towers.

The rides range from toddler to adult so noone is left out and the whole family come away having had a lovely day - even Grandad, who really enjoyed the 4D cinema.

It roughly lasts 15 minutes and we think it is fantastic. The summer show is Robinson Crusoe : Shipwrecked on an adventure Island. Effects include water sprays, air blast, moving seats and leg ticklers .If you’ve never experienced a 4D cinema before then I’d definitely recommend it.

Lunch at the loaded dirty fries food court , always a thumbs up, it’s delicious, but if you are trying to save some pennies then bring some sandwiches and treat yourself to a slush, all the Jolly rancher flavours you could ever think of!.

The traditional wooden rollercoaster that is ever so popular and the star attraction was up next. It is one of two remaining wooden rollercoasters that are still working in the UK, and is always top of Alessia’s list!.

We came back around 4.30pm for round 2 and didn’t leave until 8pm. We all had a wicked day out, went on tons of rides, more than once and definitely got our wristband entries worth.

Pleasure beach is value for money, and a fantastic one for all ages .

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  1. This looks like such a fun day out for the kids. I will definitely be checking it out soon.

  2. Your Norfolk Pleasure Beach guide is awesome! Your engaging rundown of activities is a perfect companion for a fun-filled day. From thrilling rides to delightful treats, you've captured the essence of an enjoyable visit. Thanks for sharing these exciting experiences! 🎢🏖️