Monday 7 August 2023


An afternoon spent well enjoying the Thrigby wildlife gardens in Great Yarmouth this week whilst visiting Nanny and Grandad in Norfolk. It is becoming a regular place to go to in the summer holidays and it is a great family day out.


Thrigby Hall is located in Great Yarmouth, Filby Road, which is easy to access and get to with a sat nav or google maps. Upon entry you are given a map which has all the points of the gardens and where all the animals, cafe, toilets etc are situated. this is also on the big board as you come in. 

Open every day at 10am and can be booked online, which you can get a cheaper rate if you do. Adult tickets are £17.95/ £16.50 online, children 4-16 years £13.95, £12.50 online. Under 3's are free entry.


We started the day with our picnic as we got there just after lunch time. They have a picnic area with benches, which is great to keep the costs down, but there is a cafe if you wanted to have lunch there. Sandwiches, cakes, snacks and also hot beverages are available.

We did get coffee, tea and of course ice creams :)


The meerkats were our first stop and oh my, they are the cutest little things. So many of them showing their faces. One was sitting on the log falling asleep, but tried to keep himself awake, which made the children laugh.

The white hand Gibbon was my favourite. Showing off his acrobatic skills which were really cool. Swinging from branch to branch then stopping to make sure we were still watching :). 

We visited the Swamp house to see the American Alligators,Mugger crocodiles and the infamous Salt Water Crocodiles. We were brave enough to walk over the wobbly bridge, would you?. The alligators are so relaxed, they almost look like statues!.

We saw the red Panda!. Last year on our visit they were hiding, but we managed to spot them this time, for a split second!. Nila loves Red Pandas since watching turning red so was excited they showed their face.

The leopards and tigers are always the star of the show aren't they?,feasting on their dinner and looking super Alpha!.

So many more animals we saw on Our visit to Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens, these are just a few of our favourites.


Thrigby has three different play parks areas.  A maze, be sure to duck , else you will be bumping heads - Nila did this a few times!.A bigger play area with ropes and a slide, a little play area by the entrance for smaller children, plenty of park fun for all ages to burn off some steam whilst the parents take 5 minutes to drink their coffees.

We have enjoyed the afternoon seeing all the animals and it has been a great start to a fun filled week. Be sure to check out our Instagram for all the fun in action.

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  1. Oh cool! They certainly do have a great selection of wildlife there. I love meerkats too, they are adorable. I would also love to see a red panda.

  2. This looks a great day out if it is to do with animals my daughter would want to visit she is animal mad

  3. These wildlife gardens look like a fun day out. It’s good to take the kids to something different.

  4. MArie Cris Angeles10 August 2023 at 14:22

    My family would love to visit this place. My family loves animals so much especially my father and niece. Thanks also for all the tips.

  5. oh wow!!! I've never been to Norfolk, the place is gorgeous with so many things to do...The thrigby hall is super interesting...

  6. I love animal spots like this! If I am ever in the area I will be sure to stop! One of our favorite things to do is visit new zoos and animal rescues when we are in new places.


  7. What a delightful way to enjoy a day out! 🧺🌞 Starting with a picnic is a fantastic idea, and having a picnic area with benches makes it even more convenient. It's wonderful to have the option of a café for those who prefer a different dining experience. Coffee, tea, and ice creams sound like the perfect trio to top off the visit. Making the most of every moment, from the mealtime treats to the exploration, is what memories are made of.

  8. What a cool place to visit and see all the wildlife and their habitats! A great way to spend the day outdoors :)

  9. It is an amazing day spent with your family learning and depending the connections. These are the memories for life!

  10. Aw I'd love to see the meerkats too. They're full of personality.

  11. I love Norfolk although I've not been there often. I haven't visited the wildlife gardens there. I'd love to take the kids to see the meerkats. They're such fun animals.