Friday 6 October 2023


October is by far my favourite month of the year. Spooky season and Autumn creeping in, I absolutely  love it. One thing I have started to do every month is take time out for myself. Self care goes without saying but I am talking a day to myself or with friends to do something I love and enjoy.

It is very important to me that aside from being a parent, I am also Kira who enjoys lots of different things other than parenting! :)

Here are some things I would like to do this October in Staffordshire


I love a trip to the cinema. I don't normally work on a Friday and sometimes take myself on a solo cinema date! :)

There are quite a few horror movies out at the moment, perfect timing for Halloween, if you are not into your horrors, then they do have others but horrors, they are my go too!. Cineworld in Hanley have all the latest films on and the popcorn there is 10/10. 


Bongo's bingo is back in Hanley this month, the 14th and the 28th which is a halloween special. If you are new to Bongo's Bingo then you are missing out.Think Bingo and raving mixed into one, a night full of laughter and one to remember. 

Numatic have also teamed up with Bongo's Bingo for a limited edition special and they now have Henry the hoover as a prize!!



Get the girls together and book a pottery painting session at Emma Bridgewater. I actually love it here and have been a few times. 

To book your session it costs £2.95 and then you can choose from all sorts of things to paint, price varies. This time of year they will have all the spooky and halloween themed sponges which are my favourite!.

They also do delicious hot chocolate and snacks so you can make a day of it :) 


You really cant beat an afternoon tea with friends. Something about having your lunch on a fancy tray with tea just hits the spot right?. The rabbit in the hole tea room is a family run Alice in wonderland inspired tea room.

 I love Alice in wonderland and have heard great things about this place. You can stop for just tea and cake or go all out and book afternoon tea :) 


Something a bit more for an adrenaline junkie kind of day, escape room. I have never tried one, but they look so much fun and the escape room in Stoke hasn't been open that long but has some great reviews and they have a few rooms to choose from including the da Vinci code, taken and wizards. 

Try your luck and I would love to know if you crack it and escape!.

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