Sunday 3 December 2023


 You really can not beat a movie night with a film, especially at this time of year. Something about sitting on the sofa, the Christmas tree lights on and watching something festive and magical. There are so many new films coming out every year but you can not beat a good old Christmas classic.

Here is our ..


If I had to pick a Christmas film off the top of my head, it would always be Home Alone, we love this one and I have loved it since when I was a little girl. Such a classic and we watch it more than once every year. It gives me all the Christmas flutters and really does spread the message that Christmas is about family.

You then have Home Alone 2 which isn't my favourite, i do prefer the first one but they go hand and hand don't they and it is such a good movie to watch this time of year.

Next would have to be Jingle All The Way. We have already watched this one, even Mezz sat down and watched this in November, and he is a scooge!. A fun uplighting one with Arnold and the famous turbo man :)

Jack Frost is one that always makes me cry. Such a sad movie but it has to go on over the Festive weeks.

Santa Claus is a family favourite, we watch them one after the other over three days and that is something we have done for years. They have an add-on new series on Disney + that we have started watching but you can not beat the originals, so nostalgic :)

Mezz and I spoke about this one last week and I don't think I have watched Miracle on 34th Street in quite a few years but it is 100% a Christmas movie of all time. We will definitely be watching this one with the girls.

One that we have watched a million times already - The Grinch, it really isn't Christmas if you haven't got the Grinch on in the background most days, especially if you have children :)

Elf is such a funny one. We went to see it in the cinema last year with the girls and it was Nila's first time watching it, she loved it!. 

Nightmare Before  Christmas is on in our house all year round. Halloween and Christmas-based so we watch it a thousand times during October, November and December and if you are a regular follower then you will know this is Nila's favourite movie in the world!.

Last but not least...The Polar Express, this is just magical. I am the only one that enjoys this film, but it is my guilty pleasure. Every time I watch it, it gives me all the Christmas feels. Definitely a top 10 in my eyes :)

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