Friday 16 February 2024


 Something I love to do with the girls is get out and explore . Honestly, life is way too short and the more memories I can make with my children, the better.

Nila has never been on a train before and the girls and I are a little bit obsessed with sushi so I decided to take them to Manchester for the day.

I was so close to cancelling as my anxiety and nerves really was getting the better of me , but sometimes you need to just suck it up and tell yourself that you have got this 100% and the more you do that, the easier things become.

Nila was SO excited on the train. We packed her smiggle colouring travel set and she did that on the way and was in awe of the train. It’s the little things isn’t it.

We got into Manchester and headed straight to YO! Sushi for lunch. Give us a sushi restaurant and we are happy girls :)

We had such a delicious lunch, then headed to the shops.

The girls had some Christmas money to spend up, Nila wanted to go to the entertainer toy shop and picked up a minecraft nerf gun.

Alessia wanted to get some skincare bits, then we found the LINDOR shop and I didn’t realise it had a pick n mix section - heaven!!!.

Pistachio lindor which I didn’t even know they did, absolutely divine, a little pricey but a lovely little treat.

We also went to Lush, goes without saying if you know me well , and flying tiger then headed back to the station to get back for dinner.

We got home about 6.30pm and it was such a wonderful day and definitely what we needed after being poorly for so long. 

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