Monday 19 February 2024


 Last week I said I wanted to start making more memories after taking the girls to Manchester for the day and I wasn't wrong. I love adventures, especially with the children and life is for living right?. I am really trying to budget my money this year and go on as many days out and trips as we can and I did a thing ...

When I say I am impulsive, it is my middle name. If I want something or want a thing done, I want it done last week kind of vibes. I have always been like that, with everything. Even in my career. I was interested in jewellery making one day and that evening I booked a course, purchased the tools, and hundreds of pounds of stock then set up a jewellery business - told you I wasn't kidding.

This evening I had been scrolling TikTok, dont judge me, we all do it!, and came across some solo parent travel vlogs and fell in love. I had written in my goals for 2024 that one thing I wanted to do was go on a girl's holiday this year. Take the children somewhere and it is a girls-only trip.

Tenerfie here we come...

I got searching for some places. I am looking for cheap and cheerful as the memories are what YOU make them, not how expensive things are. Always remember that.

 A few summers ago I booked one night at the Higher Whitemore Farm half an hour's drive from my house for £16. The girls and I took our SKANDIKA Copenhagen family tent, a gas cooker, uno cards, and sausages for dinner and had the best overnight camping experience and it cost me less than £20.

After having a look at a few places. I wanted somewhere that had a pool so we could still enjoy swimming but also be close to things to do. The place I found is 5 minutes from a lovely beach and 10 minutes from town, I found a lush sushi restaurant not far from our apartment and a water park we could do one day - so I booked it! :)

I love having things to look forward to in life. Days out, cinema trips, we only get one life and if it's all work and no play, what a waste!.

I booked 4 nights, breakfast only as I really want us to venture out while we are away and explore new things and food. All-inclusive is nice and convenient but I wanted to do something different. 

You bet I'll be popping some fruit and croissants in my bag at breakfast time for snacks during the day - always saving the pennies and being one step ahead :)

So the countdown is on, 4 weeks until we go on our girl's holiday and I can not wait!.

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