Friday 22 March 2024


We love a themed game in our house and with the Easter holidays coming up we have been testing out the new game from Orchard Toys, Wake up Mr. McGregor.

Join Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Flopsy and as they race to collect fruit and vegetables in this fun board game!.Players must collect as much fruit and veg as possible, but watch out for Mr. McGregor – if you wake him up, you’re out of luck!.

To move along the path, simply roll the dice and see where you land. But be careful – if you land on a watering can, your rabbit will fall in and sneeze a loud ‘Atishoo!’. Then, pick up Mr. McGregor and turn him around – making him growl or snore depending on which way he’s facing!.

When you reach the radish at the end of the path, if Mr. McGregor is asleep, spin the spinner to see how many fruit and veg cards you can steal from him! But watch out! If Mr. McGregor is awake when you reach the end of your path, your rabbit is frightened away and must return to the start!.

Once all the fruit and veg cards have been collected, count up the fresh fruit and veg cards on your trug collection board to determine the winner. Just be sure not to count any rotten fruit and vegetables – nobody wants those!. This has been a favourite over the past weekend, really ease for children to play along without any help and is really fun.

inside the box you get

  • dice
  • board 
  • 4 rabbit friends pieces
  • fruit and veg for the garden
  • 4 baskets
  • Mr. Mcgregor
This would make a lovely easter gift if you are planning some fun easter half term baskets for the children and a great birthday present too.

Age 4 and up . RRP £12

- gifted 

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