Monday 25 March 2024


 Easter holidays are in full swing here and we have 2 weeks of keeping the children entertained. If you haven't picked up your Easter essentials by now then here are a few of ours that are going to get us through the half term :)

Of course, we are starting off strong and with the obvious ones, Easter eggs. NOMO has chocolate for everyone. Whether you are plant-based or free from gluten, dairy, eggs or nuts, they have you covered and they taste delicious.

A wide selection of goodies to choose from this Easter with their eggs and cute little bunnies :)

Tis the season for all the choccies right?. The Easter vegan chocolate from Eat Raw is 10/10. Now I dont normally pick vegan chocolate over milk, personal preference but my god, this chocolate is So good and these will be my first choice now!.

The white choc wafer bars are insanely good and I will be getting some more of these before the week is out, and maybe hiding them from the little ones :)

Games and activities are a must. We love a themed game in this house and the Orchard Toys selection has come through this Easter and the girls love them. 

They have the new Peter Rabbit range which is so cute. Dont wake up Mr. McGregor is a must for your collection and the Easter surprise mini-game would be perfect for a chocolate alternative gift.

Crafts are our favourite and a great quieter activity. Stickers, stamping and colouring - yes, please. There is a great selection of crafts in-home Bargains to choose from.

Great value for money and will keep the little ones quiet enough for that hot cup of coffee you most definitely deserve :)

Snacks for Mum and Dad to go with that coffee you ask?. We need all the extra energy we can get over the holidays, especially if you have more than one munchkin and are working throughout.

 Warrior has some tasty protein bars that will keep you going through the Easter break :)

What are your half-term essentials this Easter?


  1. I think we have enough chocolate eggs to keep us going over the Easter holidays!

  2. Ooh these look amazing! I would love to try these out sometime!

  3. I’m gonna have to try some of those warrior protein bars!! Looks absolutely delicious, I could definitely use some extra energy!