If you have been with me since Nila was born then you will know how excited i was to try baby wearing. I tried it and i love it!. There is only one problem with baby wearing and that is the changing bag. Now even if i take a quick trip to the shops i still need the changing bag for the little bits; baby wipes, phone, purse-the essentials, it is a struggle to carry a bag and baby wear and if i am honest, i haven't used my wrap much because of this problem.

My Little Book Worms | Miffy

I have always been a lover of books, for as long as i can remember , books have always been in the family.I can remember my Nan reading and my mum always had her nose stuck in a book,then my crazy book obsession, almost looking like a library- it was inevitable that my girls were going to be little book worms.

Movie Night | SPARK

Sunday afternoon we made sure our chicken dinner was ready a little earlier,reading and homework completed and bath time all done ready for our Movie night.Nights like this are rare so we put the salt lamp on,snuggled up in bed and pressed play.


Being a parent is amazing, having my girls fills me with so much love and happiness and i am so proud of all three of them but there are times when it gets tough,and i mean tough, and being mum,again,feels like a nightmare sometimes - and that is OK.

2-Stage Comfort Nest | Little Chick London Review & Giveaway

Since Nila has been born, she has hated being on her back due to Reflux, whether it is a nappy change,playing on her play mat or going to sleep- she absolutely hates being on her back and this has resulted in a lot of baby holding, settling on my chest to try and get her to
sleep then easing her into her crib.

All in all it had been somewhat of a nightmare for the first few weeks until we had our 2-stage comfort nest by Little Chick london.

Will Your Flight Be Cancelled?

One thing we look forward to when going on holiday is the travelling to our destination- the excitement and anticipation ,especially for the children is such a lovely thing to see.The games we play and what we can see on the way all makes the holiday that little be more special and essentially we are making memories. The last thing anyone wants before this is a delayed flight or a cancellation.

Rainy Day Crafts | VEEMCDEE

Today has been absolutely miserable. Summer is definitely over and we have nothing but dark mornings and rain.The rain has not stopped and it has been one of them days where the craft box has been out all day. 

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