Travel Essentials In Winter | Keep Safe At Christmas

now I don’t know about you but I love this time of year . The frosty air , the snow ! We have had so much of it , it looks so pretty!. If you have been following us on YouTube then you will know our car took a turn for the worse and just did not want to work.

Making Room For Three Children

If you have been following me for a while then you will know we recently added to our family and have another little bundle of cuteness Baby Nila.

Having three children in a small three bedroom house can be somewhat cramped and unfortunately the bedrooms are just not big enough for the children to share , especially with the amount of toys they have!.

Winter Clothing With JD Williams

I love this time of year, of course, who wouldn't? it is Christmas time! The weather,being cold,not so much a love of mine :) We almost 100% get snow, we have already ,and it is still snowing today! and that is when the winter wardrobe starts to come out.

Christmas Stress [Unconventional Diary #16]

This weekend i am going to get all the girl's presents out and really go through them and see who has what and if any of them need anymore.

Betty Box Review

When Betty Box reached out and asked if we were interested in receiving one of their subscription boxes, we headed on to their website to check them out .

The Christmas Tag

my lovely friend Laura over at Musings of a tired mummy has tagged me in The Christmas Tag. I am so excited for this tag- really sad I know , but  I love Christmas! :) Okay so there are quite a few questions so let’s get answering.

Salt Dough fun [Unconventional Diary #15]

Over the weekend we had tons of snow! It is really starting to feel christmassy now and i can not wait! I decided to make some salt dough and make an afternoon of it. To be honest, i don't think i have made salt dough for years, since Kadiann was little, so the girls were really excited to get stuck in!

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