Thursday 13 October 2022


 When it comes to finding the perfect outfit , especially to your best friends wedding, where do you start?. Us women come in all shapes and sizes right?, and dressing for your figure is key when it comes to not only looking good but making you feel amazing in your skin :)

This time of year I love autumn dresses , it’s the colours for me. The different shades of brown and orange,the chunky tights and the boots, definitely my favourite season to dress in, but before we decide on any dress, what body type are you?.

Until I got into fashion I use to just try something on and if it fit that was the job done, but now, dressing your figure is so much more than that.

 Looking in the mirror and feeling amazing when you are out is a lot easier when you know what body type you have. 

Once you have your outfit ready for that wedding you’ll be Wedding Photo Swap photos grinning from ear to ear :)



Petite is usually classed as 5ft3 and under.  I’m a short girl myself so us shorties would not get away with a long maxi skirt. We would be drowning in it.

Instead go for short prom dress gown styles which will elongate your legs and body giving you that extra height illusion.

There are so many different Prom Dress Finder sites. You’ be spoilt for choice :)


Apple shape tends to be broader shoulders than the hips and a wider torso.

I would recommend darker colours like navy blue, low neckline, accentuating the neck with a beautiful piece of jewellery and a floor length dress style.


Hips are broader than the shoulders and bust. Your weight is more in the lower part of your body , particularly thighs . I pride myself on my thick thighs , plenty of spin classes to keep them defined :)

With a pear shaped figure I would definitely go for something that goes in at the waist and shows it off. Also pay attention to them gorgeous shoulders and maybe go for strapless or one shoulder dresses.


Big bust, small waist and big thighs, the classic hour glass figure. Fitted and belted dresses are the perfect go to for this type of body.

If you are struggling to find a good fitted dress then ASOS is always my first choice for shopping.

I’d love to know what dress you go for when choosing your perfect wedding outfit …

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