Tuesday 21 March 2023


Having my nails done is something I have loved for years and years, for as long as I can remember. If my nails are looking good then I feel good.

I was getting my nails done at the salon, if you have been a regular follower then you will know, £40 a pop was expensive and the cost of living going up and everything else, so I decided to start trying to do them at home.

I ordered the gel mylee starter set, which is a fork out at the start , but I have saved SO much money doing my own nails and I would highly recommend you do the same :)

So the mylee starter sets start at £89.99, link is here for reference to the one I purchased.

It comes with a few nail gel polishes, the base coat and the top coat, the prep wipes, the prep solution and the gel remover.


I have been doing my own nails for nearly 2 years now and it’s really easy. They last for ages, I only change mine when they are really over grown. They don’t chip and my nails are stronger than ever :)

File and shape your nail, buffer with a buffer block. You can pick these up from Superdrugs or boots if you haven’t got one. Push back your cuticle and trim .Wipe with the prep wipe and then apply the base coat, pop in the curing lamp for 60 seconds and then wipe again with the prep wipe.


Don’t get the base coat on your cuticle or round the edges of the skin where your nail is. This will make the nail polish lift if you do, practice makes perfect of course and you will get the hang of it.

Then apply the first coat of your gel. Cure for 60 seconds and then wipe. Make sure you are going right up to the tip of your nail and a little under so the gel doesn’t lift at the tip of your nail.

Second coat, cure again and then wipe.

Apply the top coat and i cure for a minute and a half , which has definitely helped keep its shine and prevent any lifting.

After this, I apply some cuticle and hand oil to my finger nails and hand cream, done :)

Try not to get your hands wet for 24 hours. I wear washing up gloves anyway to prevent this and will do my nails on a day I’m not having a bath.

If your nails are a little weak, then you could use the builder gel that mylee do, which I started using at the beginning of my nail journey.

I also did a video on my YouTube channel on how I do easy gel nails at home if you like watching step by steps.

I’d love to know if you start doing your own gel nails and definitely tag me on Instagram @kira_hutt so I can see how cute they are :)

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