Friday 26 May 2023


We have had our tuff tray for just over 5 years and it has got to be one of the best things we have ever purchased for Nila.Tuff tray play is honestly endless and I thought I would put together our 5 favourite ones that are really easy and cheap to do too!.

Summer is on its way right?, the weather is amazing at the minute and we are all here for it, and that means plenty of water play!.


We got our tuff tray and the stand from Amazon when Nila was a baby and wanted it to use as a little paddling water pool, which it was perfect for. 

On the floor with a little water and some toys - perfect!.

Now she is older, it stays on the stand and we fill it with water, any bath colouring wash and you have yourself a water play station which is going to beep the children cool during the summer heat wave days which I am manifesting to happen :) .


Colouring station is perfect for the little crafters. We all love colouring actually , it’s so therapeutic. Paint sticks are ideal for this station too , fun without the need of paper, they are really easy to wipe off the tuff tray and don’t stain at all.

The paint sticks come in all different sets and start at around £5.


The Slime station was such a hit!. It’s a bit of a messy one, but my girls are obsessed with slime and when I thought of this idea last year, it was definitely a ‘pat on the shoulder’ moment :).

If you know how to make your own slime then brilliant, if not, we have used the Geli baff slime packets and they have worked really well. You can pick them up from Home Bargains.


Bubble machine uses all them muscles you didn’t think you had in your arms!, but was so worth it :)

Little bit of water and some bubble bath. I always use the gentle children’s bubble bath incase the bubbles do get into anyone’s eyes. 

Mix, mix, mix and watch the magic happen!.


For any dinosaur fans - we collected some soil from the garden and completely improvised with this one. Dinosaur World was an absolute hit and the creative play was honestly the cutest little thing.

Anyone else Jurassic park lovers?.

The dinosaurs were from Lanka Kade and you can purchase one, two or the little set.

I’d love to know if you recreate any of these ideas over the summer and if you have any of your own, do share :)

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