Wednesday 2 August 2023


 When it comes to my ears, I have always had problems with them. Over the years, it has been put down to a few different things - using earphones, not cleaning them out, although you are advised not to use cotton buds, so knowing what is best for them can actually be quite difficult.

I have had grommets a few times when I was younger and they have come out, but I guess as adults, you just get on with life don't you. self care and looking after yourself becomes a little less priority, especially once you have children, which shouldn't be the case at all, but we end up in that trap don't we.

The past few weeks I have been suffering quite bad with Vertigo, it has been horrific and I have never felt anything like it.It has been knocking me out most afternoons, I haven't been able to do any training sessions at the gym, and I really needed to do something about it.


I did a bit of research on Vertigo, as my doctors are as helpful as google :), and a few suggestions came up, one was congested sinus issues, which I also have, and the other one was micro suction.

Specsavers do micro suction for £55 for one or both ears, so I booked in for today and was quite nervous if I am going to be totally honest. Something about putting things in your ears just gave me the shivers, but I was really hoping it would help the issues.


Having no idea of what is was, the fear of the unknown, plus, I thought it would be like syringing but it is completely different. It is a procedure where the audiologist gets a tiny metal stick, no bigger than your hand, and very thin but hollow which has the lightest suction on it for the ear wax removal.


The ear wax removal is very gentle and pain free. You sit on a chair and the audiologist takes the stick and gently suctions the inside of the ear. It is a little loud, obviously, its inside your ear, but not painful or uncomfortable at all and lasts around 10 minutes.


If you are looking to get this procedure done then they advise to use ear drops five days prior to your appointment.I tried quite a few drops, but Specsavers recommended simply and basic olive oil drops, as a lot of the ear drops are full of harsh chemicals and no good for you ears.


for the price, how long it took, and how easy it was, I am glad I have got it done. It is very hard to keep on top of your ear care, so something like this , even once a year would be a great investment to your health care.

I would love to know if you have had micro-suction before, or if you are looking into it,  hope this helps with any questions you might need answering :)


  1. Thanks so much for this detailed useful sharing about ear wax removal from your experience. I've not try before in fact learn this method the 1st time. Cheers SiennyLovesDrawing

  2. Your detailed account of your experience with micro-suction for earwax removal is both informative and relatable. Your honest portrayal of the procedure and its benefits will surely help others considering this option. Thanks for sharing your journey and shedding light on a lesser-known solution! 🙌👂