Friday 31 May 2024


 Summer is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with a family giveaway filled with goodies just in time for the summer holidays. I have put together a collection of products i have been gifted to make your summer a little stress free. 

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Here’s a sneak peek at what’s up for grabs in our summer giveaway:

Brian Paint Sticks

Unleash your child’s creativity with these vibrant glow in the dark paint sticks!. Perfect for little artists, these paint sticks are easy to use, mess-free, and come in a variety of bold colors. They’re ideal for crafting, drawing and letting imagination run wild. The girls have loved these over the years and if you are looking for easy tuff tray ideas, these are perfect too !.

Delicious Choco Muffins

Indulge in the rich, chocolaty goodness of these scrumptious choco muffins. Whether you’re planning a picnic and need some summer snacks or just a sweet treat, these muffins are sure to delight kids and parents - taste tested and they are SO good!.

Love Corn Snacks

Crispy, crunchy and delicious, Love Corn snacks are the perfect addition to any snack time. These corn kernels are not only tasty but also healthy, making them a great choice for family road trips or a picnic at the park. Snack Box

Keep your snacks organized and fresh with the snack box. Designed with compartments for different treats, this snack box is perfect for kids. It’s compact, durable and comes in fun colors that children will love.

Boots skincare Kids Roll-On Sun Cream

Protect your little ones from the sun’s harmful rays with this easy-to-apply roll-on child friendly sun cream. Formulated specifically for kids, it offers high SPF protection, is water-resistant, and is gentle on sensitive skin. Perfect for a day at the beach or outdoor playtime.If you are looking for the best suncreams for all the family then these are my go too every year.

Horn Mini

Add some excitement to your summer adventures with the Horn Mini! This compact and fun horn is great for bikes, scooters or just making a joyful noise during outdoor activities, the joys right :). It’s small enough to carry anywhere and loud enough to bring smiles to everyone around.

Zzzopa Wicked Ball

Meet the Zzzopa Wicked Ball, the ultimate fidget toy and stress reliever. It’s a ball with a twist – you can spin, bounce, and throw it for endless fun. Perfect for kids who need a break or just want to play, it’s a great addition to any summer toy collection and Nila loves hers.

Cardinal Kids Chess Teacher

Introduce your children to the classic game of chess with the Cardinal Kids Chess Teacher. i know what you are thinking, chess?!, but this beginner-friendly set includes instructional pieces and a guide to help kids learn the game’s basics while developing strategic thinking skills. It’s a fun and educational way to spend a summer afternoon and even i enjoy chess now!.

Coffee Cup for Mum

Let’s not forget about the supermums out there! or parents in general. I know for me, being self employed during the summer holidays and working from home means i have the children every single day and it is hard work,I have included a coffee cup just for you. Whether you’re sipping your morning brew or a relaxing in the garden with an iced coffee, let it be a reminder that you deserve a moment of peace and joy this summer.

That’s it! You’re now in the running to win this amazing bundle of summer goodies.

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