Friday 28 June 2024


The sun is shining and I am here for it. I work from home and nothing hits better than a day at work sitting in the garden with an iced coffee, it sets me up for such a good mental health day and I am so glad we have got the garden summer-ready this week.

Perfecting your garden for the summer involves a blend of preparation, creativity, and maintenance. Here are some essential tips we have done over the past few days to get our garden summer-ready

Clean and Declutter

Start by tidying up your garden. Remove any dead plants, weeds and rubbish. My garden was full of junk, the recycling bin is always overflowing and half of it ends up in the back garden!.  A clean garden provides a blank canvas for your summer garden reset :)

Hire A Gardener

If like me, you have no desire to become green-fingered and do not enjoy any part of gardening then hire a gardener. I booked my gardener to do the front garden, the back and both hedges. I got him at a reasonable price and that saved me a day of having to schedule it around work.

Plant Some Flowers

Introduce some colour into your garden with flowers. The girls are petrified of all creepy crawlers so I try not to go overboard, but we have an old tyre in the garden which I have used to plant a few flowers and it makes the garden look really cute. 

You can do this on such a budget. People tend to leave pallets outside which could be perfect for making some flower planters, keeping the cost down.

Outdoor Furniture

Investing in some comfortable and durable outdoor furniture is key to having a garden in which you can relax in. I wasn't sure which furniture to go with this year but opted for the George Black Model Metal Sofa Set, really affordable and great for dinner in the garden.

For something super cosy and to spend an afternoon in the sun reading, I have gone with a Hammock from Hammock Heaven. You all know I am in my reading girl era and I can spend hours in the garden sipping on my iced coffee with a book swinging away :)


Outdoor lighting can extend the usability of your garden into the evening. String lights, solar-powered garden lamps and lanterns create a warm and cosy atmosphere for nighttime chilling.

We put up some fairy lights and the girls love them. We have our evening cups of tea outside watching the sunset, it is perfect!. 

Fun In The Sun

It's all good and well getting the garden summer-ready, but without any fun out there, the children would hate it. I have fixed the trampoline, The Pool Is Up and the tuff tray is cleaned so Tuff Tray Bubble Machine Fun and Tuff Tray Painting is back in action.

If you haven't got a tuff tray then i would highly recommend one. They bring endless hours of fun, Here are 5 Fun And Easy Tuff Tray Ideas to get you started :)

 Create Shade

Ensure there are shaded areas in your garden to escape the summer sun, not that I ever want to escape it! but with children, shade is so important. We have a parasol that can be moved around with the base, so whether they are in the pool or having a picnic lunch on a blanket, they are well protected.

Is your garden ready?, I think we are all good to go now and cannot wait to enjoy the rest of the summer!

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