jane Evolution Musical Rocker & Toddler chair | review

When it comes to baby chairs,there are so many different ones about.You have your classic baby bouncer,which i think everyone who has a teenager has used one of these ones, now there's a whole load more with tons of added features,rockers,swingers,the list is endless.

Challenge Accepted! | Wicked Uncle

Children can be very difficult when it comes to birthday and christmas presents, always falling in and out of love with characters and growing out of their 'favourite' doll ever, especially teenagers. Having a teenage daughter to buy for is a headache in itself,which usually ends in family giving her money,which normally gets spent on chocolate,.

All the emotions now my babies 2 months old [the unconventional diaries]

I know everyone says 'it only seems like yesterday', but honestly it only seems like a minute ago Nila was born. We are celebrating her being 8 weeks today,a whole 2 months old!. It has flown by quicker than lightning, please slow down baby girl.

Funsters & Slush Puppies [the unconventional diaries]

One place Alessia loves to go is soft play and i will honestly hold my hands up and say we rarely take her. The reason why? i have no clue. We use to always take Kadiann when she was younger, so i've vowed to take her at least once a month.

Iswaddle wrap | Baby wearing for the first time

As a mother of two already and never had experienced the whole baby wearing, I knew when Nila came along, I was definitely going to try it and couldn't wait to be honest.

my little worry child | magical worry plaque

Alessia has always been an emotional child, the quieter one out of my two eldest daughters.She seems to take the world on her little soldiers, i believe she is definitely an old soul and i often find her writing about the worries she has and things that are playing on her mind.

We sit and discuss things that are bothering her and sometimes they might be little things that have happened at school that we can laugh and giggle them away, but then there are others that really affect her and seem to keep her up at night.

mum-made | review & giveaway

One thing  i love,especially now being a mummy is crafting. I absolutely love an afternoon of getting the crafts out with the girls and making memories to cherish. The girls get lost in their pieces of art and come up with some lovely trinkets,but sometimes you need that alone time to wind down and relax and treat yourself. This is where mum-made comes in.

West port Lake [The unconventional diaries]

Saturday we woke up to glorious weather, something the UK hasn't seem much of this summer. So we decided to take the girls out for the day to get some fresh air and burn off some of that energy being cooped up indoors .We don't get much quality time as a family lately and this is something we are trying to work on.


I always worry that the children are hungry when being at school, so snack time after morning break puts me at ease. The school has a bowl with a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables but you can also bring in your own snack.This is something the girls love to do and enjoy going through the snack box each morning before school run.

Dr Browns Bottles | Review

Having a newborn baby is the most magical feeling in the world, the newborn cuddles, the wind giggles and the holding onto your finger will melt your heart, but it is also very hard work. The sleepless nights, night feeds, poo explosions and crying for no reason are challenging, add colic onto that list and it will all seem like one hell of a nightmare.

Little chick london bedside crib | review

Moving house is one of the most stressful things in life. Having to move with very little notice and no choice in the property is even more stressful and has resulted in us moving into a much smaller property than we hoped for.Add a newborn baby into the equation and you definitely haven't got enough room to swing a cat! With this being said, we have tried to make the most of the little space we have and have found the perfect solution for our small space problem.

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