Monday 17 July 2023


 Summer holidays always have Norfolk in there somewhere. It is the children's favourite place to go and it is where my mum and dad live, so the holidays are the only chance we get to see them, finding fun things to do whilst we visit Great Yarmouth is a must, we love making memories.


The beach is my happy place and I could spend every day there. It is something I miss so much as we use to live walking distance from the sea. Beach days are free, pack a picnic and a bucket and spade and spend the day making sandcastles. Bring some pennies for ice cream and it works out an inexpensive day out.

We normally go to Hemsby beach which is closer to my parent's home, but Great Yarmouth beach is a good one if you want to be more closer to the town centre and perhaps do some shopping whilst you are out and about.


Joyland first opened in 1949 and is definitely going to be the girls' childhood memory. We come here every time we are in Norfolk. It has some of the oldest rides , looking on their website , I cant actually believe some of the rides are from when it first opened over 70 years ago!.

Our favourites are the super snails, Neptune's kingdom and spook express. I can remember when Kadiann first went on the spook express at 5, she is now 20!.


The hippodrome circus is a lovely treat over the summer holidays. We went last October and watched the spooktacular performance for the first time which was incredible. Nila was mesmerised and didn't get out of her seat the whole duration.

Popcorn, ice cream and light up gadgets are available, but if you are trying to keep the cost down I am sure you can pick up some flashing cool light wands and cheaper popcorn from the pound shop :)


If you have followed us for a while then you will know an afternoon down at the amusement arcades is non negotiable!. We love winning a bit of tat on the 2p drop, and love going on the temple of tickets and collecting our tickets all week to get the best prizes.


Crazy golf is not our strong point but we love a go. Great Yarmouth have two mini golf attractions -  Pirate Cove adventure golf and castaway island adventure golf which are both suitable for all ages.The pirate one is our favourite as it has a pirate on deck and the girls think its really cool, obviously :) .

Prices range from £7.50 and they are open 7 days a week during the summer holidays. No booking required, opens at 9.30. 


This is a fun one to do and also has free crazy golf inside!. Explore the little towns and people.Interact by pressing the buttons and watch the funfair rides come to life or hearing the fire engine in action.

Finish off with a round of crazy mini golf, a trip to the old school penny arcade, where you can use up all your pennies and end with tea and cake at the Merrivale tea room where they do this best carrot cake!.

Are you visiting Great Yarmouth this summer?

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