if you have followed me for a while you will know that I absolutely hate waste in every sense of the word, especially food, and one of my goals this year was to cut down on things and be a little bit more minimalistic in all aspects of our lives,especially now we have an little addition to our family :) - the food shop was one of them.


Nila is now 7 Months Old and weaning is in full swing. She is having the best time trying out all the different foods and now she is that little bit older we have been trying out some finger foods and really encouraging baby led weaning .

Fuzzikins Cosy Cats | REVIEW

half term week and the girls are in full swing. I love them being off and really enjoy spending quality time with them - without the laptops or kindles . I have been getting the crafts out at least once a week to let them wind down from all the electronics and just let their imagination run.

Half Term On A Budget

We are 3 days into the half term and I am loving the girls being off. Even though they drive me insane sometimes , I absoulately miss them like crazy when they are at school .

Jumbo Fun [Unconventional Diaries #26]

we ventured out on Saturday to a soft play we haven’t been to for so long . It is the only one we know that the age limit is 14 years which is perfect for us so all the kiddies are happy - plus the lattes are so good! :) I made some sandwiches for lunch to keep the cost down and packed some fruit and nibbles.

Crafting Corner For The Girls

If you have children of school age then I am sure this post will definitely resonate with you . If you are a regular reader then you will know our two eldest girls Kadiann and Alessia are 8 and 14 and are both in school. They are at the age where reading books come home every night and homework comes home twice a week.

Dream Destination Bucket List

Now we are in February . The clock is ticking for our summer holiday . I hate the UK weather right now. It is cold , wet and miserable! We have had snow for the past fortnight off and on and the weather has been -3 most days.Give me some sunshine!

We haven’t decided if we are going abroad this year due to baby Nila being 7 months. I know a lot of being that have been abroad with their babies , even younger than Nila but I am that overly worried parent and I am really not sure how I feel about it.


Getting Organised | ERIN CONDREN PLANNER

Yesterday was my work day at my carer's job. I work all day Sunday in the community and the rest of the week i work from home. Now, working both jobs, cooking,cleaning,seeing to the children and baby,bath times, homework...you see what i am getting at here?. There really doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day and i am guilty of missing appointments, or forgetting to pay dinner money on time because my head feels like it is going to explode with all the stuff i have to remember.

Lunch Date With Nila :) [UNCONVENTIONAL DIARIES #25]

Scott and I haven’t been out together for a very long time . We use to go to the cinema or out to dinner . We loved going to the local pub quiz nights- they were our thing and if I am honest , I really do miss them.

Valentines Rocky Road Chunks

Rocky Road is one of our absoulate favourite treats to eat. The gooey marshmellow pieces are the best! . It is so simple to make and the best part about it is there is no baking involved.

Project Mc2 - McKeyla’s Glue Tattoo Doll

If you have children and have never heard of project Mc2 then where have you been? I first come across it when Alessia was watching the Netflix original series one evening and I must admit it looks pretty cool :) - yes I am that parent who enjoys watching the girls’ programmes.

Our Dream Holiday To Hawaii

Having a bucket list of things you would like to do or places you would like to visit is such a good idea. It also helps you to save and you will always have something to look forward to and plan for ! :)

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