BabyStyle Hybrid Stroller Launch

If you are not aware by now, most of you are!, i am currently pregnant with baby number 3. It has been a long time coming and me and Scott thought it would never happen,but it has and we are all thrilled!.

When the opportunity came up to attend the launch for the new Hybrid Pushchair by Babystyle at Baby Planet in Derby, i jumped at the chance.

I had a quick look online at the stroller itself and couldn't wait to have a push of it in person.

On arrival, we were greeted with a warm welcome and a glass of fizz,obviously non alcoholic,roll on due day!. There were plenty of refreshments, drinks and a lovely friendly atmosphere.

Now,the strollers, oh my!, They looked incredible,even better in real life. We had a demo from one of the lovely gentlemen and i have got to say it is amazing. It can be changed into a number of different strollers to suit you and your family, for example  the single pushchair can become a tandem if you have two little ones. 

You can also unhook the top component and apply a car seat or a carry cot, simply by clicking two flips either side, i was sold!. I have re named this stroller the transformer because it really is something out of this world.

The stroller comes in a few different colours,which are all stunning. My favourite have got to be the pistachio and wild orchard


I had a
 a lovely time at the launch and I can not wait to receive my pushchair and give you all a full review of my very own transformer! :)

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Last Minute Christmas Gift

Christmas is only a week away now so not long left to finish the Christmas shopping. One present me and Scott get the girls every year is a board game. We enjoy board games after Christmas dinner and it is somewhat a tradition now of ours.

 Orchard Toys kindly sent the girls 'What a performance' : an action packed game of fun for all the family.

The front cover of the box at first glance looked very fun and we couldn't wait to get stuck in.

Suitable for ages 5 and up and 2x players. The board is so simple to put together,just like a jigsaw and in only four pieces.

 The aim of the game is to get to the finish line first, but it isn't as easy as that. Along the way you will pick up cards and be asked to perform a number of tasks including pretending to be a monkey or wiggle your ears.

If you are unable to act out your task then you will have to do the forfeit that is hidden on the back of the card. You will find the hidden forfeit by using the special decoder,which Alessia thought was  magic!

We have had so much fun playing this and think it will be a big hit around the Christmas table!

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ToucanBox To The Rescue

When it comes to arts and crafts, we love nothing more than to spend the afternoon
or a rainy day at the table letting our imagination run wild.One
thing i am guilty of is forgetting to stock up the craft box and we have
had numerous occasions where the girls have been mid way through a project
and have needed something that we have ran out of!

ToucanBox is a perfect solution for us. The box arrives straight
 through your letter box, addressed to your little one, which Alessia
was amazing. Everything you will need to make the projects are included along
 with some information leaflets.

This box was Christmas themed so we got the chance to make some Christmas 
decorations for the tree
 and Alessia got a chance to practice her reindeer drawing with the help 
of the Christmas book provided.

We have had a lovely afternoon reviewing this subscription box and give it a 10/10.
 For the chance to receive your first box for free,  click on the link below 

Dont forget to let me know whats inside your box!

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On The Sick | Being A Walker

One thing I love doing as a hobby is taking the girls walking through the country side . We have the grange that is a mile walk away and it is beautiful. It also has a small cafe to stop off for hot chocolate or an ice cream - which the kids love!

Since starting work I have felt the strain of these days and sometimes dread them or make an excuse for a ‘lazy day’ . Being a career in the community is a very rewarding job , it has its difficulties and also challenges every day but I absolutely love it and love the sense of giving something back

Wheres Wally | Review & Competition

For as long as i can remember Wheres Wally has always been a favourite of mine, spending hours looking for him in the books at primary school.As i have grown and had a family of my own, we have all enjoyed sitting round the table at the library finding the little guy.

The children got a chance to review the latest editions to the Wheres Wally books as well as the the new colouring book!. I have got to say i was a little excited about this too.

We received the new activity books which are Wheres Wally At Sea, Wheres Wally Across Lands,Wheres Wally Takes Flight and Wheres Wally Outer Space. We also received the colouring book which is jam packed with colouring pages,a big thumbs up.

The girls have been having so much fun with these books.We have spent hours over the weekend colouring in. Alessia has loved getting her colouring pens out with a book of her choice after dinner. 
She has also picked out the outer space activity book for her friends birthday present as she says its 'awesome'. 

Kadiann loves colouring and we find it quite therapeutic. She has set herself the challenge of completing one of the colouring pages,which i must admit,do look quite a challenge!


We have been given the chance to give away 5x copies of the Wheres Wally Colouring Books to our readers.

 To enter the competition, click on the link below and we will keep our fingers crossed for you all.

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Just Bee Drinks | Review

One thing i hate drinking on its own is water. I think that is why i don't tend to get through the daily amount required each day and seems to end up feeling like a chore to do!.

Since i decided to change my eating lifestyle in May and losing over a stone a half, my most important goals were to food optimise and to keep hydrated.

Just Bee Drinks supply a light and refreshing honey water drink, made with spring water and a drop of honey,literally one drop!.No refined sugars or artificial sweeteners and under 50 calories per carton,if you are on Slimming World that is only 2.5 syns! :)

 They kindly sent me their Just Bee Gift Box, which has one carton of each flavour they do which are blueberry, lemon and green tea and apple and ginger.

Having tried all three flavours i have got to say my absolute favourite is the apple and ginger,it was the blueberry but i have been converted.

 The gift box retails at £4.99 which i think is very affordable.We also got a pack of wild flower seed to plant in the empty carton,which i thought was a brilliant idea,not only as a family garden project but also to help save the bees.

We will planting ours next year and will definitely show you our results.

Thank you so much to Just Bee for allowing us to sample your drinks, a big thumbs up from this household :)

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I miss the beach

One thing i miss about living in Norfolk is being so close to the beach.Whenever we visit my parents this is something i try to do as much as possible. It seems to be one of them things that you take for granted and really miss once you no longer have it.

We have had an amazing beach day.We made a big picnic and literally spent all day down Hemsby beach,which isn't to far from Great Yarmouth. It was a glorious day and was absolutely packed with people on holiday,which gives you that lovely seaside feeling. We really fitted in,with our own wind breakers and deck chairs,perfect!.

The girls went in the sea,as did i,Alessia has become much more confident with water since our holiday to Turkey, and Kadiann  had such good fun swimming in the sea.

Being at the beach, you lose track of time,being with family and enjoying the sea air, the sand in between your toes,time just flies.For me it's almost like you need to capture the memories in a bottle,and the sand if your as mad as me!.


Crazy Cafe | Review

So one thing we all love to do in this household is play board games. We have got the biggest collection of board games i have ever seen, and i must admit, i am pretty impressed.When we was contacted by tactic to review the crazy cafe game, i obviously agreed,another one to add to our collection!.

The aim of the game is very straight forward,don't drop the dishes!. You spin the wheel and are given a few choices to land on.You either place an item on the table,stack items on top of others or have to pull at the table cloth and hope everything stays put.

The children thought it was hilarious and kept hoping to land on 'pull'. Kadiann managed to pull the table cloth and left everything standing perfectly on a few occasions, smarty pants!.

We spent most of the afternoon perfecting our skills, very addictive and both the girls didn't get bored or fed up,which is always a bonus.On a scale of 10, the girls both rate this game 7/10.

Would highly recommend!. Would you drop your dishes?.

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Our New Fridge Freezer!! | AO Review

If you are the type of person that loves a bargain when food shopping and bulk buys on the special offers then you will understand my excitement!.

We was sent an american fridge freezer from AO to review. The one we picked was the Fridgemaster MS91518FFB in black. We initially picked the american style one as we was forever running out of space in both the fridge and freezer compartments and could never stock up on the special deals.

I am sold!, i have got to say i love it, the best fridge freezer we have ever had. I love the fact that it rapid freezes and is frost freeze,so gone are the days of defrosting. The different shelves on the freezer door are perfect for hiding mummy and daddy's ice creams, and the lower shelves able the children to be independent and fetch their own lollies,which might back fire at some point!.

The temperature control on the fridge is perfect for keeping your food at the right temperature, leaving it not to cold to eat,which always happened in our last one. No clutter as there is so much space. The touch screen feature on the door is brilliant, letting you know how long the door has been opened by alarm , so fancy!.

If you are interested in watching our full video review then i have linked it down below

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All Things Crafty Subscription Box

This month we got the chance to review a crafty box by ChiChi-World. ChiChi World, all things crafty, is a monthly subscription box packed full of different art and craft products.

 It is delivered straight to your door and has a different theme each month.This month's theme was insects and creepy crawlies. 

There are so many different projects, all individually placed in different coloured bags, which i found so convenient and easy for your children to pick a project and start it, without having to find all the bits and instructions.

In the box is also extra added craft tools that you will need throughout all the projects such as scissors,colours and glue.Which is an added bonus if you are constantly running out of glue and can never find the 50 pairs of scissors your children own,yes that is me!.

We have had so much fun with this box and still have a few projects left. For only £7.99 a month, it's a bargain box that can be shared with more than one child and even us parents!. I would highly recommend.

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Mindfun Tees

When people mention colouring in, you automatically think of a child colouring in or a children's colouring book.More recently the adult colouring book has come on the market alongside therapy through art and colouring in. 

Mindfun T-shirts are designed to calm the mind, replace negative thoughts and create a state of peace. Designed for both children and grown ups,they come in such a wide variety of designs. I chose the mandala,which is one of my favourite designs to colour in. 

The pack comes with the t-shirt, six fabric colouring pens and the information/instructions card.This also doubles up as the protector for in between your t-shirt,which stops any pen transferring onto the other side,which does happen if you do not use the card!. The felts have quite a thick point so was a little difficult to get into the tiny spaces,so would recommend an option to opt for thinner felts if you have a fiddly design.

To complete the t-shirt after colouring is super simple.Iron the back of the print and wash it on the recommended setting. All done, ready to wear.

I loved this project, it really did clear my mind of all the thoughts going 60mph,i sat and coloured for hours whilst listening to music.I would highly recommend these and my two daughters can not wait for me to order them one each.

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