My eldest daughter is in year 10 , i can't believe how quick the years have gone. She is very strong minded and works extremely hard at school. Over the past few months she has been a little anxious about her GCSE'S next year, and what she wants to do when she is older.


Nila is now 9 Months Old and Scott and I made the decision that we would wait until
We took her abroad until she was a little bit older - for me , taking her abroad so young brings my anxiety out. I don’t actually know what part of travelling abroad with Nila triggers my anxiety , but I know I just couldn’t do. So we’ve decided we are going to have an amazing 2 weeks abroad next year when there is no sterilising or making bottles to worry about :)


Being a parent has got to be the best thing about my life. I absoulately love the girls and they bring me so much joy and happiness- I guess we all say that don’t we , but honestly we have such a laugh and they are all as mad as me! Which is great :)


If you follow me on social media then you will know we have come to my parent's house for the second week of the Easter half term. We haven't seen them since last July so have been really looking forward to it.


Last month Scott and I celebrated our ten year anniversary - ten years. Don’t get me wrong , we have had our ups and downs, break ups , we could of probably been on an episode of Jeremy Kyle at one stage of our relationship! :) , but to know that we overcome all the challenges and crap that has been thrown at our relationship in them years in amazing!


When the half term kicks in, I always dread it. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the girls being off school and we have so much fun , but I am not kidding when I say the food consumption literally doubles!.


We have teamed up with playtime PR and have joined the Asmodee UK Blogger Board Game Club . Over the next 5 months we will be given a board game to test out and let you all know what we think about it, whether it is suitable for everyone in the family and if we would recommended it to you lovely bunch.


I have had so many goals and challenges I have set myself over the years , some I have accomplished, some I haven’t even started!. Quiting smoking had been on my list for at least ten years for numerous of reasons- health at the top of the list .


Today has been glorious! . Spring is definitely here . The sun has been out , the birds are singing, this is the life!. My mood has been somewhat of crap lately if I’m honest.


We had a pretty hectic weekend and Sunday are my work days so we never have time to do much but the girls wanted to bake - I say the girls , Alessia wanted to bake and Kadiann wanted to eat the makings! Typical teen :)


One thing we love in this house is board games. We have tons of them accumulating on top of the fridge, almost like our own Jenga!. We love adding to our collection and are always up for checking out the latest games about.


Happy Ostara!

It was Ostara for us yesterday- Spring Equinox . We are pagans and this is one of the eight holidays we celebrate in the year. Equinox means equal night and at this time of year in the UK it is where day and night last the equal about of time - roll on lighter mornings again :)


Now we are in Spring, it always makes me think about our home and the decor. If you are anything like me then I tend to make sure the house is clean and tidy but sometimes forget to make the house our home, does that make sense?.


Abuse comes in all different forms, almost like an umbrella term -mentally , physically- emotionally. Being a survivor myself of domestic abuse I wanted to raise some awareness and share some ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ advice and really to tell you that you are not alone .


When it comes to baking with the children, I try and make the recipes we do as simple as possible . No child wants to wait until you’ve finished with the ‘harder’ parts. I save all the hard work baking for when it’s just me , the joys! :)


Changing bags are great- they hold everything ,literally everything! If you could see mine , you’d think I was leaving home! Or I had packed for a zombie apocalypse - yes I watch to much walking dead :) .


Do you ever look around your home and realise that something needs to change?. These days can happen as you suddenly realise your home is rocking an outdated look or it is just looking a little uninspiring and lifeless.

 One method of combating this feeling is to make some subtle changes to the colours you’re using. If your living room, bedroom - wherever, really - needs a but of a boost, injecting some more colour can breathe new life as you never thought possible. Here’s 6 simple steps to doing just that.

Chocolate & Banana Loaf

I have been making banana loaf for years now . It is a firm favourite in our house and the girls absolutely love it . I decided to make some over the half term and seeing as my loaf doesn’t contain any sugar or sweetener , it is perfect for little ones , so baby Nila got to taste test mama’s famous banana bread.


Over the weekend the snow had started to slow down which was great as i had planned to take Kadiann out on her own as a special treat and i knew if it kept snowing we wouldn't be able to drive, so although i have been loving the snow i also needed it to go!


We have snow!. The girls have been off school for two days now as the schools are closed and we are loving it. I love it when the girls are off as i hate them being at school,and with us being totally snowed in we made the most of it and got out in the white stuff!.


if you have followed me for a while you will know that I absolutely hate waste in every sense of the word, especially food, and one of my goals this year was to cut down on things and be a little bit more minimalistic in all aspects of our lives,especially now we have an little addition to our family :) - the food shop was one of them.


Nila is now 7 Months Old and weaning is in full swing. She is having the best time trying out all the different foods and now she is that little bit older we have been trying out some finger foods and really encouraging baby led weaning .

Fuzzikins Cosy Cats | REVIEW

half term week and the girls are in full swing. I love them being off and really enjoy spending quality time with them - without the laptops or kindles . I have been getting the crafts out at least once a week to let them wind down from all the electronics and just let their imagination run.

Half Term On A Budget

We are 3 days into the half term and I am loving the girls being off. Even though they drive me insane sometimes , I absoulately miss them like crazy when they are at school .

Jumbo Fun [Unconventional Diaries #26]

we ventured out on Saturday to a soft play we haven’t been to for so long . It is the only one we know that the age limit is 14 years which is perfect for us so all the kiddies are happy - plus the lattes are so good! :) I made some sandwiches for lunch to keep the cost down and packed some fruit and nibbles.

Crafting Corner For The Girls

If you have children of school age then I am sure this post will definitely resonate with you . If you are a regular reader then you will know our two eldest girls Kadiann and Alessia are 8 and 14 and are both in school. They are at the age where reading books come home every night and homework comes home twice a week.

Dream Destination Bucket List

Now we are in February . The clock is ticking for our summer holiday . I hate the UK weather right now. It is cold , wet and miserable! We have had snow for the past fortnight off and on and the weather has been -3 most days.Give me some sunshine!

We haven’t decided if we are going abroad this year due to baby Nila being 7 months. I know a lot of being that have been abroad with their babies , even younger than Nila but I am that overly worried parent and I am really not sure how I feel about it.


Getting Organised | ERIN CONDREN PLANNER

Yesterday was my work day at my carer's job. I work all day Sunday in the community and the rest of the week i work from home. Now, working both jobs, cooking,cleaning,seeing to the children and baby,bath times, homework...you see what i am getting at here?. There really doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day and i am guilty of missing appointments, or forgetting to pay dinner money on time because my head feels like it is going to explode with all the stuff i have to remember.

Lunch Date With Nila :) [UNCONVENTIONAL DIARIES #25]

Scott and I haven’t been out together for a very long time . We use to go to the cinema or out to dinner . We loved going to the local pub quiz nights- they were our thing and if I am honest , I really do miss them.

Valentines Rocky Road Chunks

Rocky Road is one of our absoulate favourite treats to eat. The gooey marshmellow pieces are the best! . It is so simple to make and the best part about it is there is no baking involved.

Project Mc2 - McKeyla’s Glue Tattoo Doll

If you have children and have never heard of project Mc2 then where have you been? I first come across it when Alessia was watching the Netflix original series one evening and I must admit it looks pretty cool :) - yes I am that parent who enjoys watching the girls’ programmes.

Our Dream Holiday To Hawaii

Having a bucket list of things you would like to do or places you would like to visit is such a good idea. It also helps you to save and you will always have something to look forward to and plan for ! :)

Unicorn Tea Party With Baking Mad

Last weekend we hosted a party , for no reason whatsoever! Who needs an excuse to invite all your friends round for a unicorn tea party?!

First Day Back At Work [Unconventional Diaries #24]

So yesterday I officially went back to work and I am no longer on maternity leave . I have had a  love/hate relationship with being on maternity leave- I enjoyed the most part, but I honestly believe that being at home 24/7 really does have an affect on you, mentally.

His & Hers Valentines Gift Guide

Valentines Day is only around the corner . Are you ready for it? Have you bought that special someone something yet? Or are you like me and leave it til the last minute? I have put together a little his and hers guide that includes gift that I am almost certain anyone would appreciate this Valentines :)

Home Renovation Tips On A Budget! :)

Top 5 Home Renovations You Can Do Right Now

Renovating your home doesn't mean lifting a sledgehammer and knocking walls down. Sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest impact which is why these ideas are perfect for weekend renovations!

Attipas Shoes | REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

Having three girls , I am pretty sure I have come across every dress, shoe type and glitter head band there is over the years of being a mother - well I thought I had.

I came across a brand called Attipas- which specialise in Baby and toddler shoes . We were lucky enough to review some for Nila and I was looking forward to trying them out on her . 

Stellar Palmistry App | Review

If you are a regularly reader and follower then you will already know that we are spiritualists and are very much into the great divine and exploring nature , Mother Earth.

A Family Favourite | INFACARE

As you will Know, if you are a regular reader, all the girls suffer with eczema. It can be an absolute nightmare when it flares up and can be ever so sore and it is always trial and error when it comes to products to use on them, whether it be in the bath or a new moisturiser- we never know if one of them are going to end up with a reaction.


Fitting in quality one on one time with the older two girls has been pretty difficult since Nila has been born. I have been open and honest about it along the way and now Nila is 6 months,i feel we are slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things.

My Wardrobe Wish List :)

Being a mum of three, money spent on myself is very rare. We have all been there when we put the children first, and would love to just be spontaneous and go on a mad shopping spree... I know I would.

I have decided to take the leap and once a month treat myself to something nice - obviously something nice and something that I need, remember I am doing a year of minimisation! :)

Half A Year Already [Unconventional Diary #21]

I’m writing this whilst Nila is fast asleep on my chest .. how has it been half a year already? - 6 whole months since I have birth to this precious human being . I honestly can’t belive how fast the months are going .

You know them sleepless nights and the colic cries - when you wish they days to be over , I wish they were back . I wish she was still newborn , I don’t want my baby to grow up.

Candy Grand'0 Vita Washing Machine | AO Review

If you follow us over on YouTube then you will know we have had a nightmare with our washing machine . Half the cycles decided to back in and then only one worked occasionally and with a family of 5 including a newborn with endless amount of washing , a broken washing machine was the last thing we needed, Especially befor Christmas!

We got super lucky and received the Candy Grand’0 Vita GVS1610TH From AO to review . The first thing I loved about it was the size of the drum, it is a 10kg capacity drum, which is perfect for our big family .

Going Back To Work [Unconventional Diary #19]

Now this is something i have been thinking about for the past month - returning to work.If you are not familiar with my journey, i am a community carer and i am currently on maternity leave after having our daughter Nila in June 2017.

The plan was to always go back to work, not as soon as now, but i had decided that i did want to go back to work as i really enjoying working and i absolutely love my role as a carer.

Cute Nico Baby Changing Bag | REVIEW

It is no secret that I am slightly obsessed with changing bags. I don’t know what it is but I love having my little collection and I am always on the hunt for trying out more - weird I know!

My Goals For 2018

Happy New Year!

So we are officially in 2018 and I can honestly say that I am so ready to make the most of this year!
I don’t tend to make resolutions and I feel there is so much pressure to stick to them or not break them, and the last thing you want to do at the start of the year is to stress yourself out ! I have come up with a Goals list, that I am aiming to achieve this year , and if I don’t achieve them, who cares!. I have set these goals for myself to keep me motivated and have something to reach for .

I am one of them people that work better with a list , a note pad and a plan! So here are my goals for 2018..

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