Fitting in quality one on one time with the older two girls has been pretty difficult since Nila has been born. I have been open and honest about it along the way and now Nila is 6 months,i feel we are slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things.

My Wardrobe Wish List :)

Being a mum of three, money spent on myself is very rare. We have all been there when we put the children first, and would love to just be spontaneous and go on a mad shopping spree... I know I would.

I have decided to take the leap and once a month treat myself to something nice - obviously something nice and something that I need, remember I am doing a year of minimisation! :)

Half A Year Already [Unconventional Diary #21]

I’m writing this whilst Nila is fast asleep on my chest .. how has it been half a year already? - 6 whole months since I have birth to this precious human being . I honestly can’t belive how fast the months are going .

You know them sleepless nights and the colic cries - when you wish they days to be over , I wish they were back . I wish she was still newborn , I don’t want my baby to grow up.

Candy Grand'0 Vita Washing Machine | AO Review

If you follow us over on YouTube then you will know we have had a nightmare with our washing machine . Half the cycles decided to back in and then only one worked occasionally and with a family of 5 including a newborn with endless amount of washing , a broken washing machine was the last thing we needed, Especially befor Christmas!

We got super lucky and received the Candy Grand’0 Vita GVS1610TH From AO to review . The first thing I loved about it was the size of the drum, it is a 10kg capacity drum, which is perfect for our big family .

Going Back To Work [Unconventional Diary #19]

Now this is something i have been thinking about for the past month - returning to work.If you are not familiar with my journey, i am a community carer and i am currently on maternity leave after having our daughter Nila in June 2017.

The plan was to always go back to work, not as soon as now, but i had decided that i did want to go back to work as i really enjoying working and i absolutely love my role as a carer.

My Goals For 2018

Happy New Year!

So we are officially in 2018 and I can honestly say that I am so ready to make the most of this year!
I don’t tend to make resolutions and I feel there is so much pressure to stick to them or not break them, and the last thing you want to do at the start of the year is to stress yourself out ! I have come up with a Goals list, that I am aiming to achieve this year , and if I don’t achieve them, who cares!. I have set these goals for myself to keep me motivated and have something to reach for .

I am one of them people that work better with a list , a note pad and a plan! So here are my goals for 2018..

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